9 Questions You MUST Ask Before Hiring a Web Design Company

1) Do you design custom websites or use pre-made templates?

This is a question that most companies will say custom because it sounds good.  However, there is a huge gray area in what customizing actually means.  Are they using a WordPress template and simply switching some pictures, colors and text?

That’s not custom.  That’s simply replacing.  While you can absolutely use a template, true customization is being able to take a template and make it whatever it needs to be, 100% unique to each individual website they are building.

Groth Co Answer:  We build all our websites custom coded from scratch within WordPress CMS to uniquely meet the clients wants and implement the needs of their business.

2) Can you provide examples of websites that your company designed?

Viewing their portfolio will give you an idea of how ‘custom’ they really are.  If the features and layouts of all their websites look the same, they really aren’t custom.  They are using the same framework for each website and just changing fonts, colors and images.

You should also be able to distinguish how dated their CMS is based on the cleanliness of the websites they have built.  For newer systems, fonts should be smooth and colors should be crisp.  Older systems have a blurriness to them and are built in a boxed mode.

Groth Co Answer:  Use the description above to compare other companies website portfolio with ours.  View Groth Co website portfolio.

3) What’s your process for developing a website?

Reputable companies will have an organized protocol they use with all their clients.  While some aspects may be different based on the client, the overall process should remain within scope.

These types of things include:

  • Getting to know you and your current business
  • Reviewing your current website and analyzing its performance before making your design and development decisions
  • Assigning one project manager to communicate with

Groth Co Answer: We have a step by step protocol that is communicated up front so the client knows the process and expectations of the development process of their website.

4) Will I be able to see the website as you’re creating it?

Reputable web design companies will build your website on a server domain and make your in-progress website available for viewing during each phase so you can make suggestions to the edits.

Groth Co Answer: Yes, we provide a unique domain (businessname.thegrothco.com) for clients to view edits during the development process.

5) Will my website be compatible with smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices?

All websites built on a newer CMS will be friendly on all devices.  With that being said, a good designer will custom configure the mobile version of your site differently for a better viewing experience for the user.

Groth Co Answer:  All our sites are built custom for each device for the very best user experience across all devices.

6) Will I be able to access my website statistics without contacting you?

This answer should always be yes.  There is no reason at all for a company not to let you view your own website statistics.

Groth Co Answer:  Yes, we give you access to Analytics and any other statistically information for 100% transparency of how your web traffic is performing.

7) Do you offer private server hosting?

Many agencies offer (or sometimes require) hosting the website on their servers for a monthly fee.  If this is the case, find out if you will receive all source files for your site and access to the FTP accounts.

There are many advantages to hosting on a private server as opposed to a shared server, so make sure the company is actually using a private server.

Groth Co Answer: Yes, we offer website hosting on our private server and include all the source files and FTP access once payment for the website has been received in full.

8) How much do you charge?

Just like costs of cars vary, so do websites.  Quality determines everything.  Websites built on platforms like Wix would be considered low-quality with plenty of issues to deal with.  Custom websites built on an exclusive CMS are considered higher quality, more secure and very little maintenance, if ever.

Groth Co Answer:  We build all websites custom on a WordPress CMS that Cody helped develop for a theme developer.  We build agency quality websites for 1/2 the price and pride ourselves as being the highest quality for the fairest price.   To get an accurate quote, please contact us with your needs.

9) What additional offerings do you bring to the table?

Many agencies want to go above and beyond to exceed your expectations and provide a few extra things to help them seal the deal with their clients.  Others are happy just doing the basic work and move on.  As a customer, which do you prefer?  Most of our experiences would indicate that those willing to go above and beyond are the ones who are going to provide the best work for the customers.

Groth Co Answer:  We go beyond what’s in the contract to earn referral business and 5-star reviews from our clients.  We know providing best in class service ultimately results in our clients telling others which means more businesses for us to help.


If you’re looking for a legitimate website design company, do your due diligence and don’t be pressured into making a decision right away.  Use the list above as your leverage.  You are ultimately in charge of whom to work with and you want to be sure you choose a company that treats you and your business with the professionalism it deserves.